Covid-19 Support – This time, we ready.

Back in 2020, financial support was made available through Sarasota County. Residents had until December to apply, submit requests, etc. Well…that deadline was moved up with little notice, and those who had not already submitted requests were no longer able to. It is no fault of anyone. We are all doing our best.

So it is my goal to learn that lesson once. And to make sure my best is better this time.

It was announced today that there will be another round of funding available to offset yet another burden placed on the shoulders of our community’s most vulnerable thanks to Covid-19.

Here is what I know, so you can know it too:

On April 8, another round of funding was announced. This funding was approved by Congress and former President Trump to provide up to $600 in rental assistance.

Click here to read the latest update.

And click here to sign up for more updates.

You can plan to expect to hear more at the County Commission meeting on April 20th.

Funds will go fast, so this time, we ready.

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