About Me

This blog is in no way reflective of anything but what I think I know.

I vow to do my best at presenting facts: the whos, whats, where, whens, and whys of all things Sarasota happening at the policy level. I will do my best in sharing what is going on, and more importantly, how YOU can get involved.

However, I am not perfect. While I will try to be unbiased, I will not always succeed. Call me out. There is no ego in this game and I appreciate corrections and improvements. I am just a 30-something woman doing her best to make room at the table for the local voice. I stay busy- I have a full time job and a full time husband, dog, and cat. And a more than full time son. I love to volunteer and am a member of local organizations that facilitate volunteerism.  I will make mistakes, and get things wrong, and I hope that together we can create an avenue for positive change in Sarasota that reflects the people who live here now and forever.