Amendment 1

So I decided to skip the setting of the stage and jump to the performance. If you are interested in generating your own sense of urgency, see here, here, and/or here.

I also decided to skip the beautification of this blog. It is often said that policy making is like sausage making…the process is not pretty. Same can be said for this blog, I guess.

When ready, ignore the amateur chart, and take less than 5 minutes to read what’s in it:

amendment 1

You will see that my annotations are not click-able. That is because I know nothing about blogging. But I have a strong belief in speaking in facts and giving credit where credit is due, so here is where you can find my sources:

1. In other words…

2. Those who oppose

3. Considering the tax break

4. Economic predictions

5. Is equity just for homeowners?

My nod to the Heller School.

One day I will figure out how to share this information without the help of a PowerPoint chart, but fake it til you make it, right? Thanks to a friend, amateur hour will turn into happy hour, resulting in a visually appealing (yet still super basic) srqFAQ and it will be you will be able to see where I get my info with the expected click of a button.

Speaking of where I get my sources- you’ll see that I referenced The Reason Foundation a few times. And speaking of a friend- you’ll see that Sarasota Underground is sharing this exact same information from that exact same source.  Check out their videos on this election season, and then keep doing the research YOU need to vote in a way that is meaningful for you! (and the collective good…obviously…).





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