The Inspiration

The inspiration for this website: my insatiable sense of urgency and panic that the mid-term elections bring…or any elections for that matter.

Have you seen our ballot? It brings me back to my grad school days: there are more pages to read than time allotted to understand them; too many words I just simply don’t understand; and the heavy weight of the importance of those pages and words.

Where the panic set in: I attended Tiger Bay’s luncheon on the CRC Amendments. I left with more questions than when I went in. That sense of urgency began to rise up on my walk out, and by the time I sat down in my car I felt like I could cry. If I am so confused on the merits and basics of changing our State Constitution, how are normal, non-policy wonks going to feel? I spend my free time reading about politics and policy, but most people don’t.  What are they going to do? And more importantly, how are they going to know how to vote? Will they take the time? We must make the time! I vowed to educate my peers, and their peers, and any other peers who are registered to vote.

So I rolled up my sleeves and tried to think about how I could best do that. To start- I helped to organize two events that focused on simplifying our ballot. They were both well attended with a diverse audience. And there was alcohol at both. I consider it a win. However, I am not trying to win battles…I am trying to win wars (on misinformation and lack of engagement). So that pushed me to think- well, what else can I do?

And…here we are. Starting October 27th, I will be sharing a breakdown of our ballot- two amendments at a time. Leading up to it, I will post some Civics 101 (!!) information:  How do issues get on ballots? What is the CRC? What are the local issues that will affect Sarasota? Things like that.

This is a blog I’ve been meaning to start for a long time.  I stay simultaneously updated on a policy level, and frustrated on a individual level. Join me?

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